Motorcycle Accident Victims Have Rights

Even though motorcycle riders have just as much a right to the road as anyone else, every motorcyclist knows that the road is different on a motorcycle. Drivers of cars and trucks simply do not look out for motorcycle riders. All too often, this failure results in a motorcycle accident. When it does, victims have the right to pursue compensation.

At the Kuvara Law Firm, our auto accident claim attorneys stand up for injured motorcyclists. We have more than 40 years of experience and a reputation for getting fair compensation, fast. We understand the obstacles involved in these cases, and we are prepared to overcome them in order to help you move forward with your life.

The Victim Should Not Be Blamed In Motorcycle Crash Cases

Just like motorcycle riders are treated differently on the road, they may also be treated differently in legal matters. There is a perception that motorcyclists are danger-seekers, that they always ride fast and recklessly. Of course, we know this is not true. We know that motorcycle riders come from all walks of life and the majority strictly adhere to all standards of traffic safety. Unfortunately, a bias still exists, and that bias may come out in the case.

It is not uncommon for the negligent driver to point the finger at the victim and say that the motorcycle rider was to blame. This is why investigation is often crucial in these cases. We will take care to review all of the details and show exactly what happened and who was at fault. We will not let you or your loved one take the blame for your own injuries if they were caused by the careless acts of another driver.

Whether Or Not There Was A Collision

Not all motorcycle accident cases involve collisions. It is not uncommon for a motorcyclist to suffer serious injuries because he or she laid the bike down in order to avoid a collision with another vehicle. In other cases, the collision may have been with some other object due to the motorcycle rider taking evasive action. Even if there was not a collision, if the motorcyclist was forced into a motorcycle crash by another driver's careless actions, our lawyers can help.

Free Consultation

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