Dog Bite Injury Lawyers serving the Bay Area

According to California law, pet owners for the most part, assume strict liability for their animals.

The law stipulates that in most situations, if you suffer an injury by a dog, the dog's owner may be held accountable for damages caused by their animal. Regardless of what the history of the animal or dog may be, and whether the animal was running loose, most people assume that the law allows a dog one "free bite", that is not true. Personal Injury Attorney, Neal Kuvara knows the law as it pertains to injuries suffered from an animal attack and he is ready to handle your personal injury claim.

If a dog has bitten you, your child, or a loved one, Neal Kuvara will help you attain fair compensation for your damages. These damages will most likely include emergency care, medical, and plastic surgeon follow-up care. The Kuvara Law Firm 1-800-4-INJURY has aligned itself with a variety of medical professionals who will provide you with the best available treatment. In most cases, you do need to have a health insurance plan in place. Neal will work with you so that there will be no out-of-pocket or up-front costs for your medical care. After you have received a thorough assessment of your injuries, comprehensive medical care, and feel that you have recovered from your injury, Neal's staff will actively pursue your claim and aggressively negotiate with the party responsible and/or their insurance company to make sure that you will receive compensation for your claim.

The experienced dog bite lawyers at the Kuvara Law Firm know that many people are hesitant to file a lawsuit or claim because of a family relationship or friendship with the pet owner. Although they are aggressive in their approach with the owner, dog and their insurance company, they also understand and try to handle each case in an empathetic manner. It is important to know that, in some cases, the responsible pet owner is not paying your settlement themselves; most pet owners probably have insurance to cover the damages.

In order to represent our clients aggressively, our experienced dog attack attorneys need to gather the facts about what occurred in a dog bite or animal attack. Getting the facts about the situation requires a comprehensive investigation. Dogs do not have the ability to talk; therefore owners will try to turn the case into a story of he-said-she-said. At the Kuvara Law Firm, our knowledgeable staff will conduct an immediate and thorough investigation. This investigation will include interviewing witnesses, gathering records and determining the animal's history.

To learn more about dog bite accidents, please contact Kuvara Law Firm at 1-800-4-INJURY for a free consultation today. We will evaluate the facts of your dog bite case to determine liability and help you receive fair compensation for your losses. Our offices for personal injury are located all over Northern California including San Jose, San Rafael, San Francisco, Oakland, Sacramento, Walnut Creek, Pleasanton, Pleasant Hill, Vallejo, Fairfield, Santa Rosa, San Mateo, Redwood City, and Newark.